Current Opportunities

Vendor Empalaments

The main success factor for any organisation's growth, are its employees and talent selected for this exciting journey. The Mangaldeep Group considers its employees among its Most important stakeholders in taking it to new pinnacles of Real Estate industry standards and Consumer delight.

We invite you to explore the current opportunities available with us.

Category Sub Category Description
Construction Material 1. Cement
2. Sariya
3. Marbal and Granite
4. Other Material
All Kind of Cement and Cement Made Material
All Kind of Sariya for Construction Work
All Kind of Marbal and Grantie Stone with Good Quality
Stone, Bircks, Bajri, Chawk Powder, Sandstone, POP, Plaster, Rcc and Other Related Material
Sanitary 1. Pipe and Fittings
2. Tiles
All Modern Sanitary Related Item
Bathroom, Flooring, Kitchen Tiles and Other Kind of Tiles
Hardware and Furniture 1. Hardware
2. Furniture
3. Decoration
All Kind of Wooden and Steel Hardware Material and Furnishing Items
Timber, Wood, Ply and Other Furnishing Items
All kind of Interior/Exterior Decoration Items
Electronics 1. Household
2. Communication
3. Construction Site Work
Wires and Electric Fittings, Fan, Tube & Light, A.C., LED, Geasyr etc.
Video Calling, EPABX, Phone, Alarm etc.
Murcury Light, Hollision and Other Elctronics Item for Construction Work
Manpower 1. Labour and Contractor
2. Security Service
Supply of Specialised Construction Related Service Labour and Contractor
Supply of Security Guard, Arm Guard etc.
Machinery 1. Vehicle
2. Construction Machinery
Truck, JCB, Crane, Carriage Vehicle
All Kind of Construction Related Machinery Related
Equipment 1. Construction Equipments
2. Security Equipments
Hammer Machine, Crusher, Cutter, Vibrator etc.
Alarm, Fire Fighting Equipment, Smoke Detector etc.
Iron & Steel 1. Doors and Rellings Gate, Rallings, Balcony, Chaddar, Other Iron & Steel related material
Paints 1. Paint
2. Chemical
All Kind of Interior and Exterior Paints, Putty, Primer etc.
Chemical Related with Construction Work
Innovation and Easy Life 1. New Innovation Any Kind of Innovative Equipment and Systems Which Made Life Easy and Less Time Consuming